Visit your dentist now for laser gum reshaping

2010 October 26
by Asha Sood

Healthy, pink, well-contoured gum tissue complements and properly frames the teeth. Similar to how a good quality frame is important to a painting, the aesthetic frame of your gum tissue is important and vital for your teeth. Often, people complain of having gum tissue that is red, unsymmetrical and swollen in appearance that makes otherwise healthy teeth look unpleasant or even unhealthy.

Make your gums healthy

The first step towards having properly shaped gums is to make the gum tissue healthy again. This is done to get the gum tissue pink in colour and tight and to reduce any inflammation. Once your gums are healthy, it is possible to evaluate the gum tissue’s contours.

When you notice an attractive smile, you not only look at the beautiful teeth but also the gum tissue around each tooth. The gingival margins (edge of the gum tissue) should ideally be at the same height for both the two front canines and the two front teeth. The edge of the gum tissue of the two lateral incisors (next to the front teeth), should be approximately 1 to 1.5 millimetres lower than other teeth.

A lot of the time, all that is required for reshaping the gums is contouring the gum surgically, improving its aesthetic appearance. This is a simple cosmetic dental procedure and is performed using a laser and anaesthetic. There is no use of needles.

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