Want Nice Teeth? Tooth whitening could be the answer.

2011 October 23
by Asha Sood

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has white(or almost white!) .But over time and as you age,tooth colour can change and one of the most common complaints we have when patients say they want nice teeth is ‘my teeth are yellow but they never used to be, why has that happened?!’

Ageing of teeth is one of the main reasons as even the whitest of teeth loose their brightness over time. Also, depending the types of food you eat and whether you smoke or drink lots of red wine and/or coffee, the colour of your teeth will be affected by such lifestyle choices. Teeth will become yellow, dull and discoloured grey, yellow. Smoking is a major cause, not just of yellowing teeth but also of poor dental oral health.

Teeth whitening can be an effective way to reverse the discolouration of yellowing teeth and restore the natural whiteness and brightness of youth. It may not completely change the colour of your teeth but you can expect your teeth to be lightened by various shades to a much whiter one. The bleaching process uses oxidising agents like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to lighten the colour of teeth.

Bleaching is generally effective if you have yellow, discoloured teeth but it may not work on severley discoloured teeth or discolouration caused by eg:tetracyline staining. Tooth whitening carried out by a cosmetic dentist is a fast, safe and effective method to whiten your teeth and is one of the most popular and asked for cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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