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2013 August 17

Teeth whitening is an affordable and cost effective way to look more youthful and beautiful.

The results are usually much more noticeable if your teeth are very discoloured or ageing but either way, whether it be a subtle difference or a dramatic change,your teeth and smile can be given a renewed and fresh appearance with a whiter and brighter smile.

As you age, your teeth can slowly become discoloured or yellow in colour which is a natural process.Discolouration of your teeth can also happen as a result of the foods and drinks we consume and our lifestyle choices; Tea, coffee, red wine  and tobacco are all factors that can cause teeth to become discoloured and stained.

The process of tooth whitening is fairly straightforward and the results susually provide with a whiter and brighter set of teeth and smile.

The very first question asked by many people is, how white can my teeth become? The average whitening of teeth is by an approximate degree four shades, although this may vary from one individual to the next. The two front teeth are the whitest, while the molars are normally two shades darker. The results of teeth whitening do vary between individuals and does depend on tooth structure and genetics.

Another question often asked is about causes and minimisation of tooth discolouration. The factors that contribute to discoloration are chemical damage, ageing, medication, soft drinks, tea, coffee and cigarettes. Discolouration of the teeth can also be caused by genetics or through disease. Some people are blessed with naturally whiter tooth enamel than others and their children are likely to acquire this genetic trait from them.

Teeth whitening can reverse tooth discolouration and should always be carried out by a qualified dental professional.

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