What Choices Do I have for Straighter Teeth?

2011 October 5
by Asha Sood

Here are some of the choices and cosmetic dentistry treatments on offer for straightening your teeth:

  • Invisalign

Invisalign Treatment uses a tray system, also known as clear aligners which are fitted to your teeth.Because the trays are almost invisible, Invisalign is an increasingly popular choice, not only for younsters and teenagers, but also for the older generation who may not have considered or want to be seen wearing a brace on their teeth.

The Invisalign Trays are worn during the day and slowly and gradually, these are changed over a period of time. Each new tray is different and the process works by  slowly moving your teeth into a starighter and more aligned look.

  • Ceramic Brackets

Traditionally  known as train tracks, these are the original form of orthodontics which have been used for many years to straighten teeth. Today, they can either be the traditional metal braces we are all familiar with or more recently and in keeping with developing aesthetic advances in cosmetic dentistry, they are now available as white, ceramic brackets.

Whichever type of ‘brackets’ are used, they work by gradually being tightened and adjusted by your orthodontist to move and adjust the teeth into a straighter position.The clear or ceramic brackets have the advantage of blending and merging with your teeth and are popular because they less conspicuous and virtually invisible.

  • Lingual Orthodontics

In this treatment,braces are fited behind the teeth so nobody even knows you are wearing a ‘brace’.Again, the movement of the teeth relies on the adjustment from the braces to the required place and alignment.These braces can come as standard or can also be made to measure to fit you.

Costs for these treatments vary depending on the sysytem selected and the amount of work involved.Most cosmetic dentists and orthodontists offer interest free payment plans and financing these days which helps spread the cost of payment and allow you to manage the cost of orthodontic treatment.

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