Dental fillings and what you need to know about fillings

2010 September 4
by Asha Sood

Everyone suffers from dental problems and tootache at some point in their life. While some problems are temporary and easy to deal with, there are those that are permanent and difficult to deal with, which may require extra dental care. A common problem is that of decayed teeth or broken teeth.

To solve this problem, dental fillings were introduced. Getting fillings first requires the broken or decayed teeth to be cleaned and prepared. The filling then protects the tooth.

Here are some important things you need to know about dental fillings

• Maintaining dental fillings is important and can be done through good oral hygiene. This includes brushing daily with a toothpaste that contains fluoride as well as regular flossing.

• If a filled tooth experiences sensitivity and pain or reacts to pressure, temperature or sweet foods, it is important to contact your dentist straight away. This usually happens for some time after placing the filling and disappears without medication. However, if it does not, inform your dentist

• If you find biting painful let your dentist know as it could mean that the filling requires reshaping.

Regular check-ups, at least once every six months, are important. This can help find cracks, chips or wear of the filling which are caused by grinding teeth and chewing. Treating this immediately can reduce many problems.

Sometimes,you can put off a visit to the dentist because you suffer a dental phobia or fear of dentist.Irregular visists or not looking after your teeth can lead to long term dental problems so find a good dentist today.

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