Which Tooth Whitening Treatment?

2011 December 12
by Asha Sood

There are many treatments available today to whiten and brighten your teeth, ranging from whitening toothpastes to home bleaching kits to various professional dental teeth whitening treatments such as zoom, smile brite and opalascence.

How do you decide which one is right for you and whether you will get the teeth whitening results you are looking for?

Below is a brief summary of the pros and cons of some of the whitening products available:

‘Whitening Toothpastes’ can range from toothpastes containing abrasive agents to whitening pastes which claim to whiten teeth. Although both are easily available over the counter and are not costly, they will only clean surface stains without altering the true colour or shade of your teeth.

Home bleaching kits are more expensive than tooth whitening toothpastes and are available over the counter, allowing you to whiten your teeth at home using a peroxide ‘whitening’ gel. They consist of trays or strips, containing the whitening agent, placed over your teeth. The concentration of the peroxide is much lower than dental whitening systems and the final results can therefore, vary considerably.

An ill-fitting tray can also cause the tooth bleaching agent to ‘leak’ out onto your gums, resulting in unpredictable results and possible damage to your gums.

Professional Dental Teeth Whitening, which is carried out by a dentist, is the most costly but also produces the best results. Treatments can vary from tray-based professional whitening systems to laser teeth whitening to a combination of the two. The cosmetic dentist can tailor the teeth whitening treatment to you and also monitor the strength of peroxide used, which is much stronger than over the counter whitening kits. Dramatic results can be achieved fairly quickly.

Want to know more about teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry? Ask your cosmetic dentist today.

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