Whiten your teeth with laser teeth whitening

2010 September 27
by Asha Sood

We all know the importance of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. If you long to have whiter and healthier looking teeth then laser teeth whitening may be the solution you are looking for.

Laser teeth whitening is also known as power bleaching. Though laser teeth whitening can be more costly than other teeth whitening treatments, the benefits and final results often make it worth the investment. Many people who are anxious about their smiles, be it celebrtities, media professionals or people in other walks of life, opt for laser teeth whitening as it offers such good results with little time investment. Generally, the procedure is completed within an hour and you can walk away with a beautiful white smile.

The laser teeth whitening process is fairly painless and easy. The treatment requires some preparation by the dentist , who ensures the teeth are clean and healthy before commencing any treatment. This is important because the process of bleaching can be impeded if plaque is present and is not recommended on unhealthy teeth and gums.

Next, the teeth are coated with whitening gel which is then activated via laser. Results from the laser teeth whitening process can take your teeth six to ten times whiter than before. The effects should last for up to two years depending on dietary intake and lifestyle choices and your teeth whitening results can always be ‘topped’ up at any stage in the future.

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