Whitening your teeth with a quick and effective procedure

2009 March 1
by Asha Sood

Do you dream of having a radiant smile? Well, of course you do. Many people would love to have a smile like that of a film star. Smiles like those can really work wonders. Just about anybody can have a great smile through undertaking one of the various teeth whitening treatments that are available nowadays.

The most common method used for teeth whitening are teeth whitening kits. Although this method does work, it can take a while before the results can be seen. For those who prefer a faster method for whitening their teeth, laser teeth whitening is the recommended method. Here are some things that you should know about laser teeth whitening.

Who performs this treatment?
This procedure is typically carried out by a trained cosmetic dentist.

What does this procedure involve?
Laser teeth whitening begins with the cosmetic dentist applying a translucent bleaching gel to the patient’s teeth. The gel, which is infused with crystals, is activated by a laser and penetrates into the enamel so that the whitening effect is magnified.

How long does it take to whiten teeth?
It all depends on the colour of the teeth in the first place, but the laser teeth whitening procedure is so effective that immediate results can be seen after the first sitting. You can look forward to a great smile and a lot of self-confidence as a result.

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