Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment ?

2013 October 13

Root canal treatment (or endodontics as it is sometimes known) is a complicated form of dental treatment carried out by either a dentist or a specialist on a damaged or dentally decayed tooth. The treatment is necessary to save the tooth and your dentist will have made an assessment that without the root canal treatment, the affected tooth would need to be removed due to the extent of the damage or decay present.

Your dentist will aim to save and preserve your tooth rather than losing it is for obvious reasons, both functional and aesthetic: Your own teeth are always preferable for chewing and eating and gaps and missing teeth can lead to a loss of confidence and inhibited social interaction.

Unhealthy teeth may require Root Canal Treatment for various reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • Damage to the tooth due to an impact or trauma
  • A tooth has become unhealthy as a result of gum disease
  • Severe dental infection of a tooth
  • A crown has broken down on a tooth leading to infection
  • A filling has broken down on a tooth leading to infection
  • A tooth may have become weak due to previous dental work carried out on it already
  • A chip or crack in a tooth has allowed the infiltration of bacteria leading to an infection
  • Extreme wear and tear on teeth can make them weaker and more susceptible to infection

If the affected tooth is left untreated, infection can spread leading to dental complications, ongoing damage and pain which will inevitably result in you losing the tooth, hence early intervention is always recommended.

Root canal treatment  can be carried out by most dentists. However, the more complicated cases do require expertise and may require a specialist dentist who is experienced in this area of dentistry to carry out such treatment.

To find the best dentist in Derby for your root canal treatment, ask for patient recommendations ,check the specialist professional training the endodontist has undertaken in this area of expertise and ask whether he or she is on the specialist list for carrying out this type of treatment.

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