Why Has My Dentist Recommended Root Canal Treatment?

2013 October 17

Your dentist may have suggested your tooth needs root canal treatment  but you’re not sure why or what is involved with this treatment option.

Below we’ve aimed to answer some of your questions, along with providing some tips and advice if you have been recommended this dental treatment:

  • Root canal treatment involves removal of a nerve in a tooth which may have become damaged or infected
  • Root Canal treatment is aimed at removing the cause of the infection in the tooth ie: the damaged nerve
  • Root Canal Treatment will also involve treating any infection which may have spread beyond the infected nerve
  • Root canal treatment is aimed at saving your original tooth and preventing the extraction of the affected tooth
  • Root Canal Treatment should avoid the issues of  additional dental treatment for replacing a tooth which might otherwise need to be removed
  • Root canal treatment carried out by a specialist dentist can often be performed in one visit under a local anaesthetic.

An infected or damaged tooth, if left untreated, can lead to severe toothache and other dental and health problems

  • Visiting your dentist regularly will help in diagnosing dental problems at an early stage
  • Visiting your dental hygienist regularly will help maintain good oral health  and healthy teeth and gums

Root canal treatment (or endodontics as it is sometimes known) can be carried out by most dentists. However, the more complicated cases do require experitise and may require a specialist dentist who is experienced in this area of dentistry to carry out such treatment.

To find the best dentist in Derby for your root canal treatment, ask for patient recommendations ,check the specialist professional training the endodontist has undertaken in this area of expertise and ask whether he or she is on the specialist list for carrying out this type of treatment.

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