Suffering From Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is the pain you experience in your teeth when you consume very cold or very hot foods or drinks or when you breathe in cold air.

Tooth sensitivity can be painful and uncomfortable but it shouldn’t be ignored as it could lead to other health problems in your mouth.

There are many reasons you might be suffering from tooth sensitivity. It could be because you are brushing your teeth too hard or using a hard bristled toothbrush which can lead to damage to your gums; or it could be due to sugary or acidic food and drinks which may have caused dental erosion. If you grind your teeth, this can also cause sensitivity to your teeth as tooth surfaces can be worn away. Some dental treatments can cause temporary tooth sensitivity but this usually settles soon after the treatment is complete and should not cause any reason for concern.

If tooth sensitivity persists and you are at all worried, it is advisable to see you dentist for advice

Tooth Sensitivity usually occurs when gum tissue is lost or your gums come away from your teeth thereby exposing the gum-line and nerves which in turn can lead to sensitivity.

Keeping gum disease at bay, protecting your tooth enamel and maintaining a healthy mouth are therefore key to minimising tooth sensitivity  

The following tips and recommendations should help you keep tooth sensitivity at bay:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush using a gentle, circular motion on the teeth
  • Floss between your teeth using dental floss 
  • Clean along the gum-line using an inter-dental toothbrush or similar
  • Use a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  • Avoid sugary or acidic drinks such as colas, sodas and highly sweetened juices
  • Avoid sugary snacks and sticky foods which can lead to tooth decay
  • Visit  your dentist or hygienist regularly

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