BBC Radio Nottingham feature on teeth whitening with Dr Aneu Sood

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‘Teeth can make or break your smile’ was the introduction by presenter Jeff Owen to the morning session on teeth whitening, featured on BBC Radio Nottingham.

‘Tom Cruise and Ronan Keating are amongst some of the many celebrities who have had their teeth cosmetically enhanced’.


The opening question as to whether having white teeth was a health or vanity issue led the main topic of discussion.

Dr. Sood suggested that it was a combination of both:

‘Whilst white clean teeth are an indication of good oral hygiene and reflect general well being and good health, a sparkling white smile also carries an element of vanity-of wanting to look good, exude confidence and boost one’s self esteem by enhancing a feature which is central to an individual’s looks and makes a huge impact on creating a positive first impression.’

Dr. Sood continued the session by explaining that the first port of call prior to commencing whitening or any other cosmetic dental procedure should be a full dental assessment of a patients’ mouth, which should incorporate clinical dental x-rays and an in depth examination of the teeth and gums in conjunction with a consultation.


He went on to explain how whitening works and the limitations of the technique in cases such as tetracycline staining. Veneers were suggested as an alternative for these patients who may not achieve their desired outcome from merely having their teeth whitened.

Veneers and bonding techniques were further discussed as were their benefits, uses and costs. Dr. Sood went on to explain how many of the modern techniques employed in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry such as teeth whitening ,veneers and bonding allow a subtle reversing of the ageing process by replacing ageing worn and yellow teeth with a youthful radiant white smile.

He responded to the suggestion that although costs of such techniques such as veneering may appear prohibitive, it is impossible to place a price on the final result achieved- Many of his patients who had undergone cosmetic dental treatments had emerged with a huge gain in confidence and self esteem following treatment.


Teeth whitening toothpastes and home kits were considered, their effectiveness questioned and limitations discussed.

Dr. Sood recommended that these may have their place in an oral maintenance programme but do not generally ‘whiten’ teeth. They should be used with caution since many can cause more harm to teeth and gums due to a poorly moulded mouth guard allowing leaking of solutions. Lack of professional supervision due to their ‘home nature’ was also a factor to consider.


Finally, Dr. Sood emphasised the need of a good oral hygiene programme for the benefit of all individuals in a bid to maintain a beautiful white smile:both post cosmetic treatment and as part of a general oral maintenance routine.

He emphasised that this was achievable by employing good brushing and flossing technique at home in conjunction with regular visits to the hygienist and dentist in order to maintain a beautiful set of teeth and a brighter, whiter and healthier smile.

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