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‘A Cosmetic Dentist with a quick-fix procedure that won’t put you out of action for weeks but will put the sparkle back in your smile.’


Two-Four Productions followed Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Aneu Sood and a patient undergoing cosmetic dentistry in a bid to transform a smile whilst following in the footsteps of numerous celebrities who are opting for similar dental procedures to achieve the dazzle factor:

‘Being a celebrity is not always easy and the media are quick to poke fun at the slightest imperfections. If that imperfection is bad teeth then there is no escape because they are on show wherever you go.’

‘One celebrity who took steps to perfect his pearly whites is Tom Cruise. Now he is the owner of the most famous smile in Tinsel Town he’ll be grinning with confidence for many years to come.’


In the programme, porcelain veneers and a bridge were employed to illustrate how a gap between teeth and an uneven smile could be corrected to achieve a balanced set of pearly whites.


Prior to embarking on treatment, a one-to-one consultation between Dr. Sood and his patient allowed discussion of the treatment options and an opportunity for the patient to discuss his expectations , concerns and a realistic final outcome from his cosmetic dental treatment.

The personalised treatment plan was proposed and discussed and procedures involved were explained to the patient.

Having established that the patient was happy with the proposed treatment plan, Dr. Sood invited him back for his first treatment appointment.

The first round of treatment involved the use of an anaesthetic whilst the patient's teeth were drilled down and reshaped to prepare for the veneers The teeth were prepared and the restorations polished in order to produce an accurate and smooth impression of the existing teeth onto a silicone mould.

Dr. Sood went on to make a set of temporary dressings, which were fitted to the patient’s teeth.


The silicone mould was sent off to the dental laboratory to create the customised veneers with great emphasis placed on the shape, size, colour and orientation of the final veneers.


A week later, the second round of treatment involved removal of the temporary dressings and the fitting of the customised veneers and bridge. Resin bonding was employed to attach the veneers to the teeth and UV light employed to bond the veneers to the underlying teeth.

The completed veneers were smoothed, polished and cleaned to reveal the finished result: a beautiful, straightened and natural white smile to a delighted patient.

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