The Times- Dental Care Supplement 5th April 2006

Aesthetic Dentistry Article - Whitening does strike twice

British teeth have long been a standing joke, especially among the Americans. But we’re gradually realising that dentistry can bring about an immediate rejuvenation in our lives.

On cosmetic makeover shows on TV, such as Ten Years Younger, it is always the work of dental specialists that makes the most dramatic impact on the subject’s image and self-esteem.

It’s ironic that in all the changes that are to be imposed on someone’s life, the most painless, but effective, is the visit to the dentist.

This is because of the emergence of a new breed of dentists in this country, who specialise in a craft known as aesthetic dentistry. They use techniques such as tooth whitening, invisible bracing, and the fitting of veneers, crowns and bridges to spectacular effect. They can even make your fillings look a million dollars, without charging you anything like that.

Tooth whitening is one of the best fast fixes. “It gives you a bright, whiter smile in a very short space of time,” says Dr Aneu Sood, who runs the Cosmetic White Smiles Clinic in Derby.

The clinic attracts nationwide clients with its' cutting-edge portfolio of cosmetic dentistry treatments.

For example, it’s easy for teeth to be discoloured over time. Smoking, red wine, medicines and copious amounts of tea drinking all leave their indelible mark on our teeth. Teeth which have had a nerve removed will naturally be darker than their live counterparts.

Teeth whitening treatment isn’t complex. You can have laser treatment, or have trays (filled with professional teeth whitening agents) fitted over your teeth in the dental surgery. Or indeed a combination of the two. The clinic can even issue kits for home bleaching.

Another solution offered is to fit veneers, wafer thin shells of porcelain, to cover the teeth. Not only do they instantly provide a dazzling finish, they also help fill gaps and straighten or reshape misaligned teeth.

These days’ bridges are out. “Implants which are an alternative option to bridges, look better and are healthier too,since they stimulate the jaw bone and help preserve it,” says Dr Sood.

Crowns and fillings have been updated too. Modern fillings are white and blend in with the natural colour of the teeth. Similarly, modern crowns are no longer made of metal, with the tell tale discolouration that appears at the base, and provide the appearance of natural tooth.

To prevent veneers from looking artificial a really good consultant will sculpt the ceramic surface to give it all the nuances and contours of a natural tooth. At the Umbrella clinic in Harley Street, this is taken to a fine art, where new dental creations for clients are first made into a diagnostic model, and then the product is fine tuned. The end product must look natural, so they invest it with seven different shades in order to produce the most natural looking form of human perfection possible.

Article by Nick Booth
The Times- Dental Care Supplement


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