Helping noisy snorers

Treatment for noisy snoring Derbyshire

Snoring is a very common condition, however in more serious cases, known as sleep apnoea, it can cause tiredness, irritability and headaches.

We are able to fit an anti snoring appliance called the Zx appliance from America. This appliance fits over your upper teeth and prevents the tongue and lower jaw from dropping back into the airway. This, in effect, will reduce the symptoms of snoring and will allow you to breath more easily, giving you a much better nights sleep.

Patient Testimonial


For several years now, I have suffered very badly with sleep apnoea and snoring. Despite surgical intervention a few years ago, which gave no long-term solution to the problem, my snoring and lack of breathing has just got worse and worse. It had reached a point where not only was it preventing me from having a restful nights sleep, but my wife had to move to another part of the house to get away from me and the persistent noise !

I don't want to sound corny, but since I have had the Therasnore appliance fitted, it has made an incredible difference to my sleep and my relationship with the rest of the family ! We are now all getting a good restful nights sleep.

It took a little while to get used to, it wasn't uncomfortable, but just felt a little strange at first. Cleaning it is easy, just soak overnight every few days to freshen up


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