Cosmetic or Composite Bonding

Repair chipped, cracked and discoloured teeth in Derby

Cosmetic Bonding (or composite bonding) is a non intrusive cosmetic dentistry technique which can be used to repair cracked , chipped or discoloured teeth. It is also a suitable procedure for carrying out minor and cosmetic repairs such as closing small gaps between teeth,mending small fractures and chips in teeth or protecting roots of teeth. It can also be used to make minor changes to the colour or the shape of your teeth.

A dental composite resin or enamel-type material which closely matches the shade of your teeth is applied and bonded to the surface of the tooth being treated. The cosmetic dentist sculpts this bonding material around the tooth in order to create the required size, shape, colour and finish and the material is hardened and set in place using a high intensity light. Once the resin has set, the tooth is treated and polished to achieve a cosmetically pleasing result.

The composite resin used in many cosmetic dental procedures such as cosmetic bonding also have the advantage of bonding and expanding with your natural teeth. This reduces the likelihood of fractures and cracks occurring as is common with mercury and amalgam materials.

Before - Small gaps present between teeth

After - Cosmetic Bonding is used to close the small gaps to overcome patient’s ‘gappy smile’

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