Sporting Protection for Teeth and Gums

Custom Sports Mouthguards Derby

When participating in any form of contact sport, a mouthguard (or gumshield) should be an essential piece of equipment to guard against potential injury to your teeth. A preventative measure such as wearing a mouthguard can avoid unnecessary distress, pain and suffering which might otherwise occur as a result of damage to your teeth in the event of an impact or collision. Once teeth are damaged, it can be very difficult to reliably predict how and if they will repair themselves.

Many store bought over the counter mouthguards do not provide the necessary protection required from a mouthguard. A loose fit can cause dislodging of the mouthguard in the mouth during sports which in turn could lead to suffocation or blockage of the airways.

Our custom made sports mouth guards are professionally produced and custom fitted to each individual. A mould is taken to represent the exact size, shape and fit of your mouth. This mould is used to produce a mouthguard which will represent the exact model of your upper and lower teeth, allowing for a snug, comfortable and tight final fit whilst providing a safe and effective form of dental protection when worn during contact sports.

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