Comparing Invisalign and Inman Brace Systems



Clear/Almost Invisible aligners:

Less noticeable than braces but not as ‘invisible’ as Invisalign due to the due to the ‘coiled string and metal bar’ mechanism for moving teeth

Suitable for teeth, front and back not just visible front teeth like the Inman

Only suitable for upper and lower incisors/front teeth : only moves teeth that are visible when you smile, so it is not appropriate for people with more serious orthodontic requirements.

Treatment period is MONTHS: 6-12 months on average

Treatment period is WEEKS:  6-10 weeks on average

Invisible brace exerts gentle pressure to move teeth

Aligners utilise ‘spring’ technique to move teeth exerting stronger, more forceful pressure than Invisalign

More Expensive than Inman: cost in region of £3500

Far less costly than Invisalign : cost in region of £2000

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