Braces for teenagers

Derby braces for teenagers

Richard Faulkner, East Midland’s Today, interviewed Dr. Aneu Sood and two of his teenage patients. He reports on why braces seem to be gaining ground as a fashion accessory for today’s teenagers:

‘It’s what cool kids are getting their teeth into. With brace-wearing celebrities openly flaunting their fangs in public it seems children just don’t mind having a mouthful of metal’ observed Richard. ‘And it’s not just fashionable fangs that get the metal makeover- you can have a tooth retainer to suit your every mood.’

‘It used to be a real problem getting children and teenagers to wear braces at one time,’ said Dr. Sood. ‘They used to shy away from it but today, teenagers are actually coming in and asking for them.’

‘I’m not that bothered about wearing them,’ was the feeling of one teenage patient.

‘Even celebrities have them these days.’

‘Wearing train tracks and retainers is only part of the treatment toward the perfect smile,’ added Richard as Dr. Sood discussed other cosmetic options such as veneers and teeth whitening which can be employed to correct an unattractive set of teeth.

‘People want to feel better about themselves and a smile has a huge impact in the way you look and feel .Someone with a beautiful set of teeth and a radiant smile radiates a positive vibe and this is reflected to people around you,’ said Dr.Sood.

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