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Michael Johnson, Derby County midfielder lost his two front teeth during a recent football match against Coventry.

Rob Sisson (East Midlands Today) reported on how Dr. Aneu Sood gave the mid-fielder his smile back.

‘Unfortunately, I went straight into the back of a Coventry player’s elbow.’ said Michael. ‘I felt a really severe pain in my mouth and when I held my mouth, two teeth were missing. I searched around and they were lying on the grass waiting for me to pick them up.’

Dr. Sood treated Michael following his injury by placing dental implants to replace his missing front teeth. He also advised Michael on the need to wear a gum shield during future matches to prevent potential injuries to his existing teeth.

Costa Candido, an ex-Derby County player also lost his teeth and suffered a split jaw in a similar clash on the football pitch. He also underwent similar treatment under the care of Dr. Sood who feels all sportsmen involved in contact sports should wear a gum shield.

‘It’s great when people say you have nice teeth so to lose them was devastating,’ reflected Michael.

‘It’s one of those things that comes with the position I play. As a defender you are going to take the knocks…and my teeth have been knocked out’.


‘Wearing a gum shield is second nature to many rugby and hockey players and Michael reckons footballers should do the same’, reported Rob Sisson. ‘He (Michael) is hoping to be back in action soon putting his football skills and gum shield to the test.

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