Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment in Derby

What is root therapy?

Root canal treatment is carried out by your dentist or endodontist in order to save a tooth that may have become severely infected or inflamed as a possible result of trauma or dental decay.

Root canal procedure requires the nerve and pulp inside a tooth to be removed to prevent the spread of infection, internally cleaned and the tooth then sealed. Without this treatment, dental infection can spread with the possibility of long term tooth loss. The provision of a dental filling or crown is essential following root canal treatment. Aesthetically this also makes it impossible to know that a root canal procedure has been carried out on a tooth.

The alternative to a root canal procedure is extraction of the affected tooth and consideration of replacing the lost tooth. Replacement options may involve the provision of a dental bridge or a denture or the provision of a dental implant. These alternatives may not only be more costly in terms of dental treatments than a root canal procedure but will also require more dental treatment time and additional procedures to adjacent teeth and supporting tissues.

Since some of the reasons why the dental pulp and nerve may have become inflamed leading to infection and deep decay may be due to repeated dental procedures on a tooth and/or large fillings, a thorough and consistent dental health regime involving daily brushing and flossing alongside regular dental and oral hygiene visits is recommended. This may reduce the need for a root canal procedure whilst also maintaining good oral health of teeth and gums. Trauma resulting from a sports related injury can be avoided or minimised by wearing a mouth guard.

Root canal treatment is a highly successful procedure and teeth which have undergone this treatment can often last a lifetime if they are well looked after.

Richard accepts patients referrals for root canal treatment and endodontic dental treatment from dentists in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Stafford, Lincoln and the East Midlands.

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