Important things you should know about the HealOzone treatment

2009 April 16
by Asha Sood

It is not uncommon for many people to feel nervous at the thought of visiting the dentist or having a dental appointment.. The mere sound of the dental drill can cause untold apprehension for some people.
For some people, it can be a nerve racking experience to imagine having to sit in a dental chair and have a dentist drill away at nerves and enamel in the mouth or carry out a tooth filling or other dental treatment.

However, this does not have to be the case any more. Dental breakthrough technology has introduced a treatment that is painless called HealOzone. This treatment has replaced drilling when it comes to dealing with tooth decay and since a large number of adults suffer from tooth decay, this procedure is a wonderful innovation.

Facts about HealOzone treatment

HealOzone treatment is painless
This treatment is completely painless as it does not use scrapers, picks or drills to treat caries.

Completely safe
The HealOzone unit is able to use technology which generates ozone from the surrounding oxygen in the air. The ozone is then pumped onto the tooth for dental treatment purposes and is sucked back into the unit and neutralised, converting it into breathable and safe oxygen.

HealOzone treatment is extremely effective
When ozone is sprayed onto the affected tooth, it kills at least 99% of the bacteria in a few seconds and neutralises the acids that are the cause of caries. As ozone is a gas, it reaches even those areas that drilling does not, including gum lines.

HealOzone treatment is revolutionary in that it works chemically, without the need for drilling and kills bacteria that are present on your teeth. It also immediately stops the tooth decay process as it neutralises acids secreted by bacteria.

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