Root canal Treatment

2013 June 15

Root canal treatment is an important dental treatment for restoring the health of a damaged tooth.

Advanced root canal procedures are often carried out by a specialist when a tooth might have experienced complete breakdown and decay and the nerve may have become infected or damaged. This situation can cause much pain and discomfort to the dental patient and hence needs to be addressed immediately. As the pain and discomfort is mainly caused due to infected nerves, the problem needs to be addressed at the root to prevent it from spreading the infection further.

Infection of the nerves, if not treated in the early stages through root canal treatment, can affect your entire bone structure. In order to address and treat the infection, root canal treatment is required.

This procedure involves the dentist removing the crown of the infected tooth followed by treatment of the infected tissue and through cleaning of the surrounding area too.

Root canal treatment should also prevents the infection from recurring by filling what was the infected area and then covering it with a new crown, which acts as a seal. Root canal treatment needs regular follow-ups, both with the dentist and dental hygienist.

Root canal treatments need not necessarily a painful or long and drawn out procedure. Carried out by an experienced specialist, the treatment can be completed within a few hours, depending on the extent of tooth damage and should  go a long way in restoring unhealthy teeth back to good health and prevent the need for extraction of the tooth.

To find the best dentist for your root canal treatment, a specialist dentist who has done advanced training in this field is the best person for this type of dental specialist treatment

Patient testimonials are another good place for recommendations from people who may have had specialist root canal treatment carried out for them

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