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2013 April 25

As you age, your teeth can darken in colour and become dull looking. The reason for this is that tooth enamel, which is the white glossy cover of the tooth, becomes thinner with age.The dentine of the tooth, which is a yellow, is covered by the the enamel, and as tooth enamel thins, the dentine becomes more visible and shines through, making teeth look yellow and dull.

A simple and safe way to transform ageing and yellow teeth to a more youthful smile is to undergo professional dental tooth whitening treatment.

Professional dental teeth whitening involves reservoirs or trays, which should be especially made and tailored to fit your teeth and gums. These are worn over your teeth ,with a professional dental whitening solution placed inside the trays and acting as the whitening agent when it comes into contact with your teeth.

The reservoirs or trays are usually worn for several hours during the day(or overnight) for a period of seven to ten days as recommended by your dentist for you. They are comfortable, clearand barely visible, so they can be worn over your teeth whilst and whiten your teeth while you continue a normal lifestyle, at home or at work.

For the best results and to ensure you get the correct strength of whitening agent along with trays that are properly made specifically for your teeth, ensure you visit a dentist for advice and treatment.

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