root canal treatment explained

2011 October 17
by Asha Sood

Many people are concerned about their teeth and their appearance prevents them from smiling properly. A smile can play a huge role in expressing self confidence and that is why it should be natural. But people with tooth decay are not likely to smile broadly if it shows off bad teeth.
One of the dental treatments your dentist may recommend as a result may be root canal treatment.

What is a root canal treatment?
Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is a part of dentistry which deals with diseases that affect the pulp of the tooth. The tooth’s pulp contains connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels that keep the tooth healthy. This pulp is situated in the core of the tooth and also in the canals in the root of each tooth.

The root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is the process of removing the pulp in order to restore the affected tooth to good health. It is a frequently undertaken dental treatment by many dental patients.

How root canal treatment can help
It is important for anyone who suffers from pulp damage or pulp infection to undergo root canal treatment. This is because it gets rid of bacterial infection and decay that can wear out tooth enamel and dentin. The pulp sometimes also gets damaged so badly that it cannot be repaired.

Once you know that you need root canal treatment, getting it done as soon as possible by a reliable dentist is important to prevent further damage.

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