Teeth Whitening : Advice and Tips

2013 September 10

Considering Teeth Whitening?

Here’s some useful advice…

  • Tooth Whitening is a dental procedure, it is illegal for anyone other than a dental professional to carry out this treatment
  • Ensure you have the treatment carried out safely and legally by visiting a dentist for the treatment
  • If you purchase ‘teeth whitening’ products from the internet or high street or undertake treatment in beauty salons, be aware you could be putting the health of your teeth and gums at risk or you could end up disappointed with ineffective results
  • ‘Teeth Whitening’ products sold to the public and which claim to whiten teeth could be at best, ineffective (due to very low concentrations of active ingredients) and at worst, harmful (due to being supplied illegally).
  • A product claiming to be ‘peroxide free’ may not be as safe as it sounds; sodium perborate or chlorine dioxide are potentially harmful products which are often used instead of peroxide in some teeth whitening products
  • Whitening toothpastes are a good temporary measure for removing surface staining but they will not lighten or whiten the colour of your teeth
  • If you are unsure your treatment is being provided safely and legally, ask for the providers G.D.C number or check if they are registered to provide teeth whitening legally  by visiting www.gdc-uk.org

Teeth whitening can reverse tooth discolouration and should always be carried out by a qualified dental professional.

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Cosmetic Dentistry :The Not So Expensive Solution to A Beautiful Smile

2013 September 4

Want a beautiful set of  white teeth but worried cosmetic dentistry is expensive and not within your budget? If you want to look good without the expense of cosmetic dentistry and the price tags that can sometimes come with dental treatments, teeth whitening treatment , laser or tray whiteninfg, could be the answer.

There is a common misconception that to achieve beautiful and straight white teeth and a stunning smile, you need an expensive smile makeover. Teeth whitening treatments at the dentist are an inexpensive option, but you can also have your teeth whitened within a lower budget.

Discoloured, stained or dull teeth can portray a negative self image and make a poor first impression and unattractive teeth or a smile that doesn’t seem confident or genuine can send out the wrong message at a conscious or subconscious level. Teeth whitening process can help address a poor set of teeth and smile and enhance your looks and appearance as well as improving self confidence.

Tooth whitening treatments work by combating discolouration and stains on your teeth which may have built up over many years-possibly as a result of lifestyle choices such as intake of caffeine and red wine or tobacco and other teeth staining materials or just general ageing of your teeth.

A few years ago, it may not have been possible to reverse the signs of ageing by regaining your natural and youthful white tooth colour. However, nowadays with so many treatments such as teeth whitening available, it is an easy and simple process, easily accessible to everybody and more affordable too.

Your natural looking white teeth should instil a sense of joy, poise and confidence in you. With a perfect set of teeth, you can smile all day long.

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Invisalign : The Alternative to Metal Braces

2013 September 1

Metal braces are often referred to as ‘train tracks’ and although considered unattractive and bulky at one time, they have seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years due to a change in the image and association with celebrity wearers.

Braces are no longer worn solely by children and teenagers these days either but an increasing number of adults are opting for them in order to straighten their teeth and achieve the smile that may have alluded them as a teenager.

New teeth straightening and aligning technology means there are many dental options available today for achieving straighter and more uniform smiles. Some of these options are the traditional ceramic brackets (also known as ‘train tracks’) offered by orthodontists, Lingual Orthodontics which a virtually invisible brace being worn behind  teeth and the more recent and popular Invisalign treatment which uses clear almost invisible aligners being worn over teeth to straighten them.

Dental treatment costs will vary depending on which tooth straightening treatment you choose or require and also the extent of rectification involved in straightening of teeth for each individual

The availability of clear invisible braces has been a fairly recent transformation and has certainly proved to be a popular choice with increasing numbers of patients opting for this treatment of choice. The reason for this is because Invisalign has many benefits compared to traditional methods such as Metal Braces.

Some of the benefits of Invisalign are:

  • The smooth material used for manufacturing the aligners means no pain or rubbing or on the teeth and gums and therefore increased comfort for the wearer
  • computer technology and custom manufacturing means you get a better fit and therefore a more predictable final result for straighter teeth
  • The aligners can be removed when flossing or brushing teeth so there is no issue with food being trapped in braces as often is the case with metal braces. This means there is a reduced chance of tooth decay and poor oral hygiene
  • The Invisalign aligners can be removed when drinking and eating so you wont be restricted by what you can eat or drink during the course of treatment
  • Reduced Treatment time compared with traditional metal braces

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Treatments for tooth decay

2013 August 31

Toothache and dental pain can cause misery. Your dentist may identify the cause as dental decay or an infection and depending on the severity of the problem,it may require necessary extraction of your tooth.

If the dental infection can be contained and treated, removing your tooth can be avoided but your dentist would have to assess whether this is possible or not.

He may suggest that if is possible to repair your damaged tooth , root canal treatment might be an option for you instead of having it removed.

Loss of teeth can cause both psychological and functional issues so if a tooth or teeth can be saved it is an option worth pursuing.

It is important that a decaying tooth should not be left untreated as this can give refuge to a number of bacteria which may , in turn, cause other health issues.

If your tooth is infected, your dentist may suggest you need antibiotics for the tooth infection.

Should your dentist recommend root canal treatment for you, this treatment involves removal of the damaged or infected nerve of the tooth to save that particular tooth and avoid its removal.

Once the nerve has been removed, the tooth chamber are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any bacteria following which the root canal is sealed.

In this way, root canal treatment not only gets rid of the harmful infection and addresses the original problem, it also prevents the unnecessary extraction of a painful tooth and avoids the issue of further treatments for replacing the consequent gaps.

Visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly ,maintaining good oral health at home on a daily basis and being sensible with the foods and drinks you consume should avoid dental problems such as toothache , dental decay and other oral health problems

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Straighten Teeth The Invisible Way

2013 August 28

Think you need traditional braces to straighten your teeth or that braces are for teenagers alone?

Think again.The days when a mouthful of uncomfortable metal and endless painful trips to the orthodontist was the only way you were going to get rid of those buck teeth or that unattractive smile are log over and there are an array of teeth straightening dental treatments available to you today.

Invisalign Treatment is one of the advances in teeth straightening technology which allows you to straighten your teeth the invisible way. Which means not only can you achieve a straighter smile without anyone even knowing you’re wearing a ‘brace’ on your teeth you can do so at any age, dispelling the myth that ‘braces are only for teenagers’.

Invisalign uses a tray system and custom made teeth aligners which are clear(and almost invisible) which you wear over your teeth. These trays are changed periodically, every few weeks, to gradually move your teeth into the required alignment and position, over a period of time.

The Invisalign Trays are kept in place over the teeth during the day and each set is changed over time for a new and different set or tray system hence slowly moving teeth into a straighter position.

The trays can be removed for eating, drinking or cleaning of teeth and is a comfortable and aesthetically suitable option for all age groups, young and old.

Invisalign may not be a suitable option for you and should this be the case, there are other ‘invisible’ teeth straightening treatments available . A Lingual Brace is another invisible teeth straightening treatment. It is a fixed metal brace that sits behind or inside the teeth, hence it cannot be seen. Lingual Braces cannot be removed for eating, drinking or cleaning of teeth but some people prefer this type of brace to the traditional metal ‘train tracks’ or traditional braces for cosmetic  reasons.

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Specialist Dentistry and Treatments For Missing Teeth

2013 August 25

A Specialist Dentist who has qualified in Prosthodontics is known as a Prosthodontist. He/She will have carried out further postgraduate training and is included on a specialist list with respect to offering dental treatments involving the replacement of missing teeth or other structures of the mouth. The treatment cases he/she may deal with are complex in nature and therefore require a holistic approach to full mouth reconstruction. His/her role will involve diagnosis, treatment planning and an assessment of the patient’s bite and aesthetics and the dentistry carried out will often be extensive and may include both reconstructive and restorative elements.

A Prosthodontist will treat patients who may have missing, worn out or decayed and eroded teeth or they may have poorly fitting false teeth, facial pain or advanced gum disease.

You may end up visiting a Prosthodontist as a result of referral from your dentist and probably due to the complex and precise nature of the dental treatment you will require.

Your Prosthodontist will work closely alongside your dentist and dental hygienist (as well as any other dental professionals you may need to see e.g.; dental technicians) to manage your dental case and meet your dental needs and restore you to good oral health and function.

Some of the treatment options a Prosthodontist may offer for replacing missing teeth are outlined below:

False teeth or Removable Dentures: These can be partial ( and therefore used to replace a few missing teeth ) or complete (and therefore used to replace a full set of teeth) .

Dental crowns  ,also known as caps,  are used to repair broken or decayed teeth. They are usually made from porcelain but they can also come in a range of other materials such as gold.

A crown is fitted like a cover over a tooth surface to both repair and protect it from damage and also to restore function and aesthetics to the affected tooth or teeth. Crowns are often utilised in smile makeovers to change the shape, size, colour, appearance and/or orientation of teeth. They are also a useful dental treatment option alongside a bridge or partial denture to provide support and stability to the tooth or teeth being restored.

A Dental Bridge is an appliance which is utilised to replace one (or several) missing teeth by creating a ‘bridge’ by permanently attaching a fixture to one or more of your existing teeth to add the missing tooth.

Dental Bridges are usually fixed and cannot be removed by the patient. They come in a variety of materials for improved aesthetics.

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Some tips from your cosmetic dentist for maintaining a beautiful white smile

2013 August 21

Good teeth are an essential component of your appearance, particularly so for people who have to deal with clients and the public on a daily basis. Not only is it is essential to look good and create the best impression, it also affects how you feel about yourself and allows you to communicate better.

A dazzling and radiant smile showing off white teeth can make or break that first impression and help enhance your communication skills.

If you appreciate the merits of healthy looking white teeth and have undertaken any cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers or tooth whitening, then you will also understand that it is extremely important to maintain the newly achieved whiteness of your teeth.

Teeth whitening is one of the procedures many people request and maintaining the whiteness of your teeth can be achieved by following a good aftercare routine at home.

After every meal, try to wash your mouth with mouthwash. Although it is advisable to brush your teeth after every meal and floss regularly, this isn’t always possible so you can use mouthwash as an alternative. Brushing and rinsing will help to minimise the staining which can occur after eating the foods and drinks which may have caused tooth discolouration in the first place.

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Wanting white teeth

2013 August 17

Teeth whitening is an affordable and cost effective way to look more youthful and beautiful.

The results are usually much more noticeable if your teeth are very discoloured or ageing but either way, whether it be a subtle difference or a dramatic change,your teeth and smile can be given a renewed and fresh appearance with a whiter and brighter smile.

As you age, your teeth can slowly become discoloured or yellow in colour which is a natural process.Discolouration of your teeth can also happen as a result of the foods and drinks we consume and our lifestyle choices; Tea, coffee, red wine  and tobacco are all factors that can cause teeth to become discoloured and stained.

The process of tooth whitening is fairly straightforward and the results susually provide with a whiter and brighter set of teeth and smile.

The very first question asked by many people is, how white can my teeth become? The average whitening of teeth is by an approximate degree four shades, although this may vary from one individual to the next. The two front teeth are the whitest, while the molars are normally two shades darker. The results of teeth whitening do vary between individuals and does depend on tooth structure and genetics.

Another question often asked is about causes and minimisation of tooth discolouration. The factors that contribute to discoloration are chemical damage, ageing, medication, soft drinks, tea, coffee and cigarettes. Discolouration of the teeth can also be caused by genetics or through disease. Some people are blessed with naturally whiter tooth enamel than others and their children are likely to acquire this genetic trait from them.

Teeth whitening can reverse tooth discolouration and should always be carried out by a qualified dental professional.

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Consider Invisalign to Straighten Your Teeth

2013 August 15

You may think traditional braces are the only way to straighten crooked or misshapen teeth but those days of traditional ‘train tracks’ are long gone and there are a whole new range of treatment options available for straightening teeth today

With the most up to date advances in dentistry , treatments such as Invisalign  now makes it possible to have beautiful straight teeth no matter how old you are-and even better, the results can be achieved discreetly without anyone even being aware you are wearing a ‘brace’ thanks to the invisible nature of these new generation teeth straightening dental treatments.

Invisalign treatment utilises individually made custom trays or aligners which are worn over teeth to gradually move them into a straighter alignment. The aligners are changed every few weeks and each new set is designed to slowly move your teeth each time into a new position and hence straighten them over a period of time.

The Invisalign Trays are held in position over the patient’s teeth during the daytime; the trays can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing teeth. It is designed to be both aesthetically acceptable due ito its almost invisible nature and comfortable to wear and is a suitable and popular option for all range of ages, both young and old.

If your Invisalign dentist advises, for whatever reason , that Invisalign is not a suitable option for you, then there are a variety of other ‘invisible’ tooth straightening treatments which you may be able to opt for-A suitable alternative may be a Lingual Brace which is a fixed (metal) brace that sits behind or inside your teeth thereby making it almost invisible. Unlike invisalign , a lingual brace cannot be removed for drinking, eating or cleaning teeth; however, it does have the advantage over a traditional metal brace or ‘train tracks’ in that it is more aesthetically acceptable as it is positioned behind the teeth so it cannot be seen .

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Dental Veneers From Your Cosmetic Dentist

2013 August 14

A lovely smile can brighten up any day so are you ready to show off those pearly whites and that gorgeous smile this summer?

If so, an established dental surgery offering a range of treatments delivered by a good cosmetic dentist and team is your aim.

Whether you have damaged, discoloured or crooked teeth or dislike their colour or you have missing teeth, it’s likely you won’t be smiling too much.

If so, there are many cosmetic dental procedures which are now available which can change your teeth, your look and your smile.

One of the procedures popularised by celebrities over recent years to transform their teeth and achieve their ‘smile makeovers’ has been the use of dental veneers.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers can be made from porcelain or composite-the ones made from porcelain involve slithers or shells of this material,  hand designed and custom manufactured by a dental laboratory, specifically to cover the front of your individual tooth or teeth.

Porcelain veneers have the advantage of being stronger and more stain resistant and additionally, they are natural looking so they look like real teeth often making them the more popualar choice in terms of achieving good aesthetics.

What are dental veneers best used for?

They are used for changing the shape, colour or size of teeth which may be misshapen, chipped, broken or discoloured . They are also useful for treating cracked teeth or teeth which may have gaps between them.

Dental veneers can be used alongside other dental treatments such as teeth whitening to change the shape, size or colour of teeth in order to achieve a straighter, whiter more youthful and attractive smile.

How are dental veneers made and fitted?

Your new veneers are custom-made for you and they will be constructed in a laboratory from a mould taken of your teeth.There may be several appointments involved whereby your dentist will take a mould of your teeth and also try out ‘temporary’ fittings in order to ensure a really good final result when the finished veneers are prepared.Once the final veneers are complete and ready to be fitted, your teeth will need to be prepared for bonding the veneers which will involve the removal of a small amount of surface tooth structure. The final and finished veneers will be permanently ‘cemented’ into place over the teeth which are being treated, often utilising a special curing light during the treatment to ensure a secure and firm fitting of the veneer.

How long do dental veneers last?

Providing you take good care of them at home and maintain your teeth and gums in good health with regular hygiene and dental visits, your dental veneers should last well and anything in the region of 10-15 years.

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